The medical transports could be for emergency cases and for not emergency patients.

We are familiar with the emergency transport, we all have seen hospitals, EMS or Fire Departments vans driving at high speed with the siren and flashing lights on, on streets and highways and many of us had the need to call and request an emergency medical service for a family member or friend.

The non emergency medical transport is less visible on our streets, although it is much more frequent. With the geriatric population growing at fast pace, the need for non – emergency transportation has increased.

There are multiple categories of non-emergency medical transports, their type varies by the patient condition, treatment required, insurance coverage, etc.
WheelchairHere is a list of the most common conditions requiring medical transport:

– Wheelchair and geriatric chair transport
– Doctors appointment transportation
– Cancer treatment for radiation and chemical treatment
– Dialysis treatment
– Hospital discharge transportation
– Out of state medical transport

All companies providing medical transport are insured and their employees are continuously trained in CPR, safe driving, pathogen transmission and most of them offer nurse services for special patients requiring permanent assistance during transport, either locally, or out of state area to specialized medical centers.

The medical transport employees ensure that patients arrive in a safe and timely manner for their appointment, and have the responsibility of returning the patients home without a problems.

The medical transport companies’ most important goal is to provide a safe, economical, reliable and efficient service for a variety of transportation programs with vehicle type flexibility such as:

– Sedan car
– Wheelchair van
– Gurney van
– Critical care transport
– Neonatal care
– Land or air ambulance

Most of the medical transport companies are well organized and knowledgeable of the benefits provided by social services or insurance companies and they have computerized vehicle tracking and fleet management with periodic fleet technical inspections to ensure that their vehicles are in perfect operating condition. One of them is https://medic-trans.com/ which guarantees clients the following:

– Fewer cancelled appointments
– More reliable time of arrival
– Known time for the return trip to reduce patient waiting
– Case managers support with dedicated service representative
– Free toll access for health care facilities for a faster travel time

It is proven that using a medical transport service will guarantee a safer transport for the the patient when compared with using a private family car or a regular taxi service.